Website development for a furniture company.


The 5DWood company makes modern eco-friendly furniture from wood, including tables, chairs, and children’s furniture. The products are sold for private houses, apartments, offices, and commercial premises. They work with both end-customers and intermediaries – designers and renovation companies – so the company has quite a varied audience


5DWood contacted us for the development of a website with which they planned to sell their products to design studios, furniture stores, and individuals; the site therefore needed to meet the interests of various target audiences. They planned to promote it, including with the help of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), so the customer asked us to provide such options when drawing up the website structure.

Сайт до переработки
The website before update


Since, in addition to the usual contextual advertising, 5DWood also wanted to promote itself with the help of SEO, we decided to develop landing pages within the site for each category of service, such as separate optimised pages for “Bedroom Furniture” and “Kitchen Furniture.”

They decided to make the functionality simple and clear, not overloaded with details, with an emphasis on high-quality illustrations.


The design was done in bright and dark-brown tones. The bright tones were for background elements, so that text was easily readable, and the dark-brown tones were for the interface, inserts, and blocks – aspects that should attract users’ attention.


The website correctly displayed on any device: computers, smartphones, and tablets. We adapted it for the mobile format, keeping all the necessary functionality.


We worked on this project in several stages. 5DWood first contacted us about a year ago, we then discussed all the details and proposed a budget version of the website development. The customer agreed but soon paused the project.

They then returned to our studio this year with more ambitious plans. We have reworked the original structure, made it deeper, and adapted it for SEO promotion.


The project used several technologies at once to solve different problems:

Node.js – development platform.

React – for building a web application.

Next.js – for SEO, server-side rendering of pages

MongoDB – for building a database.

Strapi – admin panel, content management service.

The peculiarity of the project is that this is an application and it runs continuously on the server. The application has a Service Worker, a feature that allows the application to run from the cache even offline. Also, on the mobile device, the browser has a function “add to home screen” which will install the site on the phone and will work as a separate application.

In the future, we plan to write optimised texts for the site that will help its promotion.