The Visko organisation is a team of like-minded people who are professionals in their field; they are engineers and highly qualified specialists in the field of design and installation of internal engineering systems. They hold a high position in the service market in St. Petersburg and Moscow and have undertaken many large projects.


This company already had a website. The site’s appearance needed refreshing to make it more modern and convenient for different groups of users. In order to identify these groups, we needed to analyse the target audience.

The main idea: Create a portfolio that illustrated some solid cases of work done in all areas of the construction, and inform people about the company itself and how it could be appealing to potential employees.


One of the goals for the site was to create a clear navigation structure that would allow users to easily travel between the sections. We created a template which simplified the complex internal pages of the site; the user could always get from one section to another in just one or two clicks.

Devices design

We created a menu with a drop-down list that let users go to any section in just one click. It is a convenient and efficient way for the user to navigate the site. The need for such a menu was discovered through an analysis of the entire group of users as well as through a more targeted investigation of particular groups of users.

Devices design

One of the stylistic techniques for a website design are brush strokes using the general colour of the company. With this emphasis, we demonstrated the ideas that we wanted to deliver to the end users.

Devices design
Promotional image on the main page

The animation of individual blocks draws attention to details and makes the presentation of the material more vivid and diverse, as well as motivating the user to communicate with the interface.

Devices design Devices design Devices design Devices design
Main Page

The page has cross-links that let you get to any of the subsections of the site, be it services, projects, or customer reviews.


Devices design Devices design Devices design
A career page

In 2016 technologies' company webpage have to coerrectly work on any device. For that reason we especially worked througt all mobile cersions.

Devices design
Mobile version of the main page

Development “from scratch” took about two months. The client asked us to finish right on the company’s anniversary, because he wanted to present it at a corporate party. We pushed ourselves and achieved this. Everyone was happy with the result!


Fokanova Maria, marketing director

The developed site is differ for its convenience and ease of use, while remaining constructively capacious. In addition, the site was done ahead of schedule, which also allows us to recommend WebEvolution studio as a reliable partner.