In our work, we use the approaches and techniques of the best studios, but we are not chasing fame and recognition. Working on clients’ projects are much more important.


in the CMS Magazine rating by the number of CMS Umbraco implementations in Russia


in the CMS Magazine rating among 720 studios in St. Petersburg


We understand well the importance of the tasks that you are trying to solve when contacting us. We look at these tasks from a business point of view, not from a developer's point of view. We reject the abstract goals of “make a good website”. We set ourselves more specific tasks and solve them.


We believe that there are no universal solutions. In each situation, we choose our own - the most suitable and effective. We value our word; therefore, we do not promise much, but we strictly fulfil all that we promised.

Andrey Baturin., CEO


  • solving your business problems
  • creating websites that increase your profits
  • improving the image and perception of our clients in the market
Our first site

WebEvolution has existed as a project since 2007.

It was at this time that we developed the first sites for clients and launched our site webevolution.ru. The project involved a team of developers led by Andrey Baturin. We made websites using custom engines, banners and simple animations using Flash. The very first site that we developed was a site to produce stuffed animals "Chuchulo-Art"

Our first site
Business card website
"A new page"

In 2008, we developed simple business websites and representative sites on a self-written engine. We have also implemented several websites based on Flash technology.

Our first site
CEO of Webevolution - Andrey Baturin

In 2009, we participated in the development of web service and the processing of an information portal. Due to the 2008 financial crisis, the material difficulties that arose did not allow clients to complete these projects.

Under these conditions, Andrei Baturin took over both organizational responsibilities and worked on website design, layout and programming.

Our first site
Taking care of our customers.

In 2010, the use of PHP was abandoned and began to make the main pool of projects on the asp.net technology - this turned out to be more reliable for our clients. Sites were made based on Web Form; the code was written in C #.

At the same time, we began to expand the scope of our design activities. We developed the first logo and corporate identity. Our customers liked these services and we started offering identity creation services on an ongoing basis.

Our first site
We started using CMS Umbraco in our projects.

In 2011, we permanently switched to using CMS Umbraco for our projects. We were attracted by its convenience, not only on the side of development but also on the side of the client - a clear administrative panel allowed customers to independently update the content on the sites. For us, it was a new level, the sites turned out to be understandable and easy to manage, while the administrative panel provided a high level of protection.

In the same year, we started blogging about marketing, design and website building.

Our first site
CARL’S JR web service

In 2012, we expanded our operations and added marketing to our core competencies. We took several sites for SEO-promotion and achieved stable performance.

As a result, SEO-promotion has expanded the list of services provided by our studio. From the memorable projects of this year, it is worth remembering the service offered to worldwide fast-food chain CARL'S JR. We have developed an internal web service for employee testing and a directory for sub-franchisors.

Our first site
our team is developing the Migration attorney prototype

Our team developed the Prototype of the website "Migration attorney"

In 2013, we completely redesigned our site to the flat style. Now, it has a convenient section with our portfolio, where customers can see examples of completed projects. In parallel with the development and promotion of sites for this year, we engaged in the creation of animations, modules and games based on Flash technologies.

As we gained experience, we began to offer our customers an ever-better product. Before this development, the structure of the site strongly depended on the wishes and vision of the customer but we began to allocate a separate block of work for the design of the site.

We collected detailed information on the client's business, goals and tasks of their desired sites. We began to conduct marketing research, and on this basis, we developed the optimal structure for each project. After defending our approach and strategy to the clients, upon approval, we proceeded to development.

In 2013, our first “office” was also opened. It was just a two-room apartment in which Andrei himself worked and the other 15 employees were telecommuting.

Our first site
WebEvolution logo redesign

In 2014, we continued close cooperation with CARL'S JR - this time they developed accounting services for internal use. We conducted a constant revision and modernization of this project.

In the same year, we completed the development of the first website using a new method - with an emphasis on marketing research and an improved structure. This is the website "Migration attorney". Further, these techniques, in one form or another, were applied to all studio projects.

We continued to develop and made a restyling of the WebEvolution logo, which had become obsolete by that time.

Our first site
Studio office on Zastavskaya street

In search of new convenient solutions for our clients, we launched an experiment to develop sites on CMS MODX in 2015. In six months, we made about 10 sites and discovered that sites with CMS Umbraco were more convenient for clients – as it was easier for them to understand the functionalities in a matter of minutes while the MODX may take several hours.

In September 2015, a real office was opened in St. Petersburg. It houses the company's management and the design department.

Our first site
project for VISCO companies

We opened another office in Miass for remote developers in 2016. We redesigned our website again and divided all our services into two major areas:

  1. Development and promotion of sites.
  2. Identity - logos and corporate identity.

During this year, we developed a service where customers and contractors can interact behind closed doors to conduct geological surveys. Also, we made a corporate website for VISCO companies - it became a useful experience in the construction industry. There was an interesting complex project for the restaurant "Your Kitchen", within the framework of which a logo, corporate identity and a website with the possibility of delivering food from the restaurant were developed.

Our first site
With representatives of English Forward

We implemented one of the most successful studio projects in 2017. We redesigned the website and logo for English Forward - a company that conducts foreign language courses. We managed to increase the conversion of the site and thereby reduce the cost of one application by 8 times. Also, complex projects were implemented for the metalworking company ECM - it was useful for us to gain experience in working with a large industrial company.

We implement real estate projects.

Our first site

We expanded our office at St. Petersburg in 2018 and occupied first place in the number of Umbraco CMS implementations in Russia!

Our first site
At a meeting with representatives of the Radio Vanya station.

In 2019, we won a competitive tender to develop a brand book, design and layout for the two sites of the Radio Vanya station.

We are opening a new direction - website development on Tilda.

We are developing a web service for the selection of apartments in new buildings in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. This service plans to place about 45,000 apartments in 75 residential complexes.

Our first site
ranked at No. 44 on the CMS Magazine

In 2020 we are included in the list of 100 best studios in St. Petersburg according to the CMS rating Magazine and outline a new vector of studio development - branding.


Good results can only be achieved by working in a team where everyone is busy with their own business. Our staff includes a variety of professionals:
designers, developers, SEO specialists and even photographers and operators!

Andrey Baturin CEO
Andrey CEO
Dmitry programmer
Dmitry programmer
Ilyas programmer
Ilyas programmer
Yury redactor
Yury redactor
Maxim frontend
Maxim frontend developer
Dmitry 3d artist
Dmitry 3D artist
Nina bookkeeper
Nina bookkeeper
Svetlana SEO
Svetlana SEO
Andrey flash developer
Andrey Flash
Ivan producer
Ivan producer
Elena lawyer
Elena lawyer


Our main office is in St. Petersburg, where design and development take place. In the offices at California and Auckland, we hold personal meetings, sign documents, analyse incoming applications, and make assessments.




Analysis of requests, assessment, preparation of technical specifications, marketing, design and development.




Analysis of requests, evaluation, preparation of a commercial proposal.


New Zealand


Analysis of requests, evaluation, preparation of a commercial proposal.


During this time, we managed to work with well-known companies and brands.